Notes from Seasonal Breakfast Kickoff

Men’s Breakfast:

  1. Intro: myself – Family, Art Teacher, Wrestling Coach, Landscaping/gardening, ArtPrize, 3:18 Leader.  I’m no counselor or preacher, just another guy who is a work in progress, answering God’s call to do something.  I’m not perfect, and don’t want to be, I don’t have all the answers, and don’t have the right “qualifications” to do this other than I used to live for myself and that came up empty, so I’m working on my relationship with Jesus, growing, and sharing what I’m learning as I go.  God has taught me some amazing things and He wants me to share them with others.
  2. Intro: We are Unleashed!!!  Could mean many things…, but mainly we working towards unleashing our hearts against the enemy and breaking the chains that hold us back from being who God designed us to be, we are free!  Free to love, free to feel, free to battle against the enemy, free to experience the love and forgiveness that only Jesus gives! We are the 3:18 Men of Freedom, based on 2 Corinthians 3:18 “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.  For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.”
    1. ALL of us!
    2. Transformed!  We are all a work in progress, but when we let Jesus have the control, our transformation is amazing.  Me even being here is a testament to that!
  3. Unleashed! Chains can be good and bad.  They can hard, cold and bind us/hold us back. They can shackle our hearts and hold us prisoner.  They can also support us and represent great strength.  We are breaking the chains from the enemy!  And we are strengthening the connections to God and others. Three links as a visual reminder.
    1. They represent God, wife (woman in your life), brothers.
    2. GOD!  This link is most important! This holds the basis for everything else, it has the lock, the support, the beginning, and it starts the connection.  We have to stay close to Jesus!
      1. It’s all about heart with God.  There is a battle over our hearts every single day!  Will we go to God, or give our hearts over to other “things” from this world, things that will never satisfy.  We need to keep God at the center of our thoughts, our choices, our actions, OUR LIFE!   Deuteronomy 10:12 Talks about walking in all his ways, loving him, serving the LORD with all your heart and with all your soul.  How often does our world try to pull our heart and soul away and into false Gods? Daily!  We have to be mindful of this!  We have to go to Him often!  We have to walk with Him!  He has to be our rock, our foundation.  We need to MAKE TIME FOR GOD!  We need to engage God through the avenues he’s provided for us: The Holy Spirit through the word (scripture), prayer, circumstances, and the people of God (the church).
      2. In our busy lives, it is so important to slow down, and give God time, allow Him to “get in” to who you are, allow Him to become that base to hold everything.
      3. God is with us!!!  When we include Him and each other into our battle, victory is ours!  This is when God as talking about helping Judah in battle: Zechariah 10:5 “They shall be like mighty men in battle, trampling the foe in the mud of the streets; they shall fight because the LORD is with them, and they shall put to shame the riders on horses.”
    3. WIFE/Women in your life!
      1. Genesis 2:24 Talks about “leave and cleave” and to hold fast to his wife, and they shall become ONE FLESH.”  She is an essential part of YOU!  She is designed to be a support, a cheer-leader, and a mate equal with you.  Let her help you, allow her into your life, your story, your heart.
      2. As spiritual leaders in our homes we have to support and encourage their growth.  We need to love our wives like Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her, we need to put her first, and love her and nurture her.  So, no brainer, we have to support our wives/women in our lives.  But what does that look like?  We need to allow her to continue on her journey of keeping Christ at the center and developing her love relationship with Him.  God has led us to “Five Things” that will help you help her:
      3. Disclaimer one: Am I good at this?  Am I perfect at this?  NOOOOO!  I struggle big time, but I’m working, I’m trying, it takes EFFORT!  Two years ago, year I was in your shoes.  I went to the breakfast, I learned some similar things to do like this.  I thought they were “cheesy” and did them for a month or two and then kind of tapered off, till months later I wasn’t doing them at all.  I regret that fully!  I want to encourage you to really take these to heart and apply them.
      4. ONE – Remind her DAILY that she is a princess/daughter of Jesus, the King of Kings!  She needs to remember that he LOVES her so much, as a Father, as a Daddy, an intimate relationship.  The enemy hates her.  The enemy is constantly bombarding her with negative messages about herself constantly, so much she probably never talks about it because it is such common place.  He will try everything in his power to make her forget she is a beloved daughter of Christ; you must battle for her through this one simple thing!  She needs to be living life through the lenses of love in Christ!
      5. TWO – Pursue her!  Don’t let the business of life stop you from this!  Make time to date, COMMUNICATE, do things that will make her feel special and show her that you are thinking about her.  Share your heart with her.  Do you know her story?  Step into her story; let her talk about her story.  I really struggle with this one.  I allow the business of life to distract me from loving her the way she desires and needs to be loved…  Knowing her is huge!  The best way I can love her is to plan dates and organize them, which is also one of the hardest things for me to do.
      6. THREE – Give her time.  Build in regular time weekly for her to have with Jesus, quiet time, alone time, peaceful time.  Allow her time to journal, encourage her to journal.  She NEEDS this time to stay close to God.  Even if she doesn’t want it or says she doesn’t need it, encourage her to do it, you’ll never regret it!
      7. FOUR – Have a common adventure!  TOGETHER, create an adventure you can both enjoy!  NEED HER TO BE A PART OF THIS!  Don’t just bulldoze your agenda, don’t let it be only your idea, develop it together.  NEED her to have an intricate role in your collective adventure, your collective story.  CAMPING
      8. FIVE – Accept her for who she is.  Love her as Christ does, unconditionally!  Don’t put limits on when how you will or won’t love her.  Sometimes we make vows or agreements with the enemy in our flesh that kills the women in our lives.  You want to see a woman flourish, love her and cherish her just as she is, not when she looks a certain way or acts a certain way, but just as she is.  Love freely, forgive freely, and try to see her as Christ does a beautiful princess.
      9. Disclaimer two:  This will not be easy.  The enemy does not want you to have this kind of vision for your life and marriage!  It will take a lot of deliberate meaningful ACTION on your part to lead.  It probably will not be perfect, but don’t give in at the first sign of resistance or struggle.  Don’t go passive! FIGHT for your wife!  Fight that voice in your head that will say, “This is stupid, I want to go back to the way things were.”
    4. BROTHERS – Your brothers in Christ!  Yes, we are in a battle, every single day!  But YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!  You have GOD in your corner and you have brothers who are willing to step in and walk with you!
      1. Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”
      2. Ecclesiastes 4:7-12 “Talks about being alone and never satisfied.  That TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE, because they have a GOOD REWARD for their toil.  For if they fall, one will lift up his friend.  But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!   And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him – a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”
        1. There is sadness and emptiness in being alone, and we are so often deathly afraid to show that, so we “act” like everything is fine.  That’s right where the enemy wants us, wearing masks and posing.  However, there is strength and support in being known and together in the battle of life!
        2. I know when I try to do things alone, it often turns out poorly.  I need to include God, my wife and my Brothers for help.  There is so much peace and comfort knowing I have guys in my corner I can talk to and to have praying for me.
      3. One of my favorite verses!  In Proverbs 24:6 it says“for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory!”
        1. We have to be in the battle, in the war against the enemy, because it is happening around us each and every day.  Here we read that by including other wise men for guidance, God can work through us to help each other.  We have to be open to sharing our battle with others, to be known.
  4. SO, where do we go from here?  3:18 Men of Freedom ministry.  The future…
    1. Our hearts deepest desire is to bring you along for an amazing adventure in the heart of life TOGETHER.  Enter into this conversation with us, walk life together.  Maybe you are already in a men’s group, maybe not.  How can we learn enough from God and from each other though?  I go to a men’s group Son/Servant/Solider at my church, but it only meets Thurs. mornings from Sept. till Mar. God does not stop pursuing us, neither does the enemy…
    2. So here is the vision:
      1. Monthly e-mails and monthly events
      2. No pressure, no judgment, just godly men walking and talking and meeting with Jesus together.  It’s all about heart and the importance of our relationships.
        1. Unleashed writings based on ways to continue to work on issues we face, supporting your wife, and growing your relationship with Jesus.
        2. Monthly events that are fun and engaging.

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